I. McDougle letter to A. Estabrook, about new studies of race mixing in Virginia and need to rush publication of their own work (7/5/1925)
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I. McDougle letter to A. Estabrook, about new studies of race mixing in Virginia and need to rush publication of their own work (7/5/1925)

Sweet Briar College Sweet Briar, Va. Economics and Sociology Ivan E. McDougle 321 Monroe Hall, Williamsburg, Virginia July 5, 1925 Dr. Arthur H. Estabrook, 4414 Pine Street, Philadelphia, Penna. Dear Estabrook, I have just returned from Richmond where I spent two days working in Plecker's office my first visit to this notable center of correspondence. Things have been breaking here so darn fast here in the past three weeks that it was essential that I get my ear to the ground at once. As soon as possible we must rush out everything we have on the "Isshies" both in the way of magazine material and our research results. This is vitally necessary because there is rapidly being published two sets of monographs on Virginia "Indians". These materials emanate from two sources. Those coming from the "White America Society"; the "Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America" and from W.A. Plecker insist that they are all negroes. There are two pamphlets this month from these sources. The other monographs are issued by the Museum XXX of the American Indian - Heye Foundation" Broadway at 155th St New York. These are issued in a form to make them appear the results of pure scientific research whereas they are pure BUNK. There has just been issued in this series a monograph entitled "The Rappanhannock Indians of Virginia" by Professor Frank G. Speck of the University of Pennsylvania. It is a pamphlet of 83 pages - plenty of pictures and constitutes Volume 5 No. 3 in a series called "Indian Notes and Monographs." He has entirely disregarded all vital statistics since 1853 and all county records on these people. He has contented himself with living among these people and taking their own word for their history etc. He discusses their matings with whites but entirely disregards every single case of INW or NW. Prof. Speck now has ready for publication another monograph on the Pamunkeys and the Mattaponi. It will be of the same character. If you are in Philadelphia I propose that you try to get in touch with this so called scientist and see what he knows about these people without telling him anything you know about them. Whatever you do dont[sic] let him know about the "Isshies". After you have conferred with him I propose that we get together either here in Williamsburg before July 25th or after then in Richmond or Baltimore and write a couple of magazine articles to nail this guy's thesis while people are still reading his dope. We can do this easy and it ought to be corking stuff. [end]

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