Eugenics Record Office memo to instructors about using ERO trait forms for "required laboratory work in biology, sociology, and psychology"
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Eugenics Record Office memo to instructors about using ERO trait forms for &quote;required laboratory work in biology, sociology, and psychology&quote;

Memorandum of Suggestions to Instructors Who are Using the Record of Family Traits and the Family Tree Folders of the Eugenics Record Office as Guides in Required Laboratory Work in Human Pedigree Study in Courses in Biology, Sociology, and Psychology. A. The General Pedigree Study of the Family. a. Conditions: The Eugenics Record Office will supply in duplicate, free of charge, the number of sets of schedules needed for this work. The schedules are always sent in by this office to the instructor under the condition that he will issue them, in duplicate, to the student, who in turn will prepare them in duplicate; that the instructor will supervise their preparation, and that after the schedules are prepared each student will be permitted to keep one copy for his own use, and will turn in the second to the professor, who, ultimately, will send the collected lot of duplicates to the Eugenics Record Office, where the records will be properly indexed and permanently preserved. Before returning the collected lot of schedules to the Eugenics Record Office, the professor should eliminate those schedules he believes to be inaccurate or scantily prepared. b. Additional Individual Analysis Cards: One Individual Analysis Card accompanies each record. This is for the student's own individual use. After filling out this card, the student should be requested to state the number of such Cards which he can prepare for his nearest kin. This additional number should be issued to the student by the instructor, who may secure the necessary number upon request, from the Eugenics Record Office. The value of a Record of Family Traits is greatly enhanced by additional Individual Analysis Cards properly filled out. B. Special Study of a Specific Character or Trait of a Family. a. Manner of Study: In case the student is interested in the family distribution, and the rule of inheritance, of a single specific trait or quality, or related group of traits, it is recommended that he use the "Family Tree Folder" for a guide. This calls, first, for plotting the "Family Tree" and, second, for filling in a "Single-Trait Sheet", in reference to the particular trait being studied, for each person listed in the pedigree. The "Family Tree Folder" and the "Single-Trait Sheets" for this purpose may be secured, upon request by the instructor, from the Eugenics Record Office. [end]

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