E.S. Gosney (Human Betterment Foundation) letter to L.I. Dublin (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company), about pending NY sterilization bill (5/8/1934)
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Cold Spring Harbor, ERO, Davenport, 1933-34
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E.S. Gosney (Human Betterment Foundation) letter to L.I. Dublin (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company), about pending NY sterilization bill (5/8/1934)

[letterhead] [at left] Charter Members E.S. Gosney Otis H. Castle Henry M. Robinson David Starr Johnson Paul McB. Perigord Rudolph I. Coffee Lewis M. Terman C.M. Goethe Joe G. Crick Paul Popenoe George Dock Oscar Ford A.D. Shamel Sarah H. Gosney Lois G. Castle Gladys G. Crick Robert Freeman Merle N. Smith S. J. Holmes Herbert M. Evans Chas. H. Prisk A.B. Ruddock Justin Miller John Vruwink William B. Munro R.B. Von Kleinsmid [centered] The Human Betterment Foundation (A Non-Profit Corporation) Executive Offices: Suite 321, Pacific Southwest Building Phone Wakefield 6374 Pasadena, California [at right] Officers and Trustees E. S. Gosney, President Otis H. Castle, Vice-President George Dock, Vice-President Paul Popenoe, Secretary Joe G. Crick, Treasurer Justin Miller C. M. Goethe William B. Munro Henry M. Robinson Mr. Louis I. Dublin, C/o Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., New York City. [end letterhead] May 8, 1934. Dear Mr. Dublin: We are advised that a sterilization bill is being prepared for introduction in the next session of your state legislature. The basic reasons for such a law are deep-rooted in the problem of race progress or degeneracy; therefore should be of interest to every earnest citizen. Knowing the wide-spread misunderstanding as to the purpose and results of eugenic sterilization, we should be glad to aid in disseminating the facts proved by California's twenty-five years experience. Can you tell us something of the trend of public sentiment on this measure, the opposition to the bill, if any, and the parties actively interested in it? Cordially yours, [signed] E. S. Gosney, President B [handwritten in] Note to Davenport [end]

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