Handwritten proposal for issuing "eugenic certificates" to physically and mentally superior men aged 23-30, by Francis Galton
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University College London, FG, 138/10
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Handwritten proposal for issuing &quote;eugenic certificates&quote; to physically and mentally superior men aged 23-30, by Francis Galton

1- [stamped]University College London Galton Papers 138/10[end stamp] [opening square bracket]Private, for consideration.[closing square bracket] Eugenic[crossed out 's'] Certificates The time seems to have arrived when the question should be seriously discussed, whether it be practicable & advisable to issue Eugenic Certificates, that would, & ought to be, accepted as trustworthy, & that would be inexpensive, yet self-supporting. The subject is full of difficulties but I think they can all [crossed out]of them can I think[end crossed out text] be met if certain restrictions & [crossed out text]requirements[end crossed out text] be permitted [crossed out text]acceded to[end crossed out text], of which the following are the chief - 1. The purport of the certificate to be that in the opinion of the Judges, the achievements of the holder & those of his near kinsmen prove [crossed out]show[end crossed out] him to be distinctly superior in Eugenic Gifts to the majority of [crossed out]his class[end crossed out] those in a similar social position. 2. That certificates be granted at first only to men, between the ages of 23 to 30 inclusive, & who belong[crossed out]ing[end crossed out] to the educated class[obs writing] [end]

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