"The Patterns in Thumb and Finger Marks," by Francis Galton, Phil. Trans. Royal Society (vol. 182), selected pages
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University College London, GP, 182
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&quote;The Patterns in Thumb and Finger Marks,&quote; by Francis Galton, <i>Phil. Trans. Royal Society</i> (vol. 182), selected pages

E.S. Galton Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Vol. 182 (1891), B, pp. 1-23. [Plates 1, 2.] [centered double score] [stamped]University College London Galton Papers 182[end stamp] The Patterns in Thumb and Finger Marks. On Their Arrangement Into Naturally Distinct Classes. The Permanence of the Papillary Ridges that make them, And the Resemblance of Their Classes to Ordinary Genera. By Francis Galton, F. R. S. [centered double score] London: Published for the Royal Society By Kegan Paul, Trench, Tr[umlaut over 'u']bner, and Co., Ludgate Hill, E.C. 1891. B. 59. Price Two Shillings. 3.3.91 [end]

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