"Exhibit of work and educational campaign for juvenile mental defectives"
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&quote;Exhibit of work and educational campaign for juvenile mental defectives&quote;

Exhibit of Work and Educational Campaign for Juvenile Mental Defectives Between October 7 and 13, moving pictures at the Metropolitan Insurance Building will show the work for mentally defective children which the New York Department of Public Charities has undertaken through its clearing house for mental defectives. Started as an experiment the first of January, 1913, this clearing house has already proved its worth in meeting an actual need. Hitherto there has been no place where the mental condition of child or adult could be determined by scientifically trained experts and officially recorded for future reference and comparison. Now, clinics in charge of Dr. Max Schlapp, seven assistant neurologists and three psychologists, held for the present at Post Graduate Hospital, are receiving children from juvenile courts, from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, from churches and settlements - in all, from 147 different sources, and are giving each child the best possible examination. [diagram] The child's family history is sought, his antecedents and the influence surrounding his first years; any physical defects, such as defective teeth, adenoids, eye or ear trouble are noted and an examination made of personal tendencies and mental efficiency by the Binet tests. Reports are then sent to the organization from which the child came together with recommendations for treatment. About 2800 such examinations have been made. The results are recorded by stenographers present at the clinic. These records are, of course, confidential and will be open for study only to accredited investigators. The facts will be confirmed by each child's finger print, to aid in any future identification and comparison of data. Strange to say, strong opposition to institutional treatment comes often from parents, even when such care of the sick or defective child would be a great relief to the family. This is another proof of the need for a campaign of education of parents. Such education will be advanced in part by the nurses who visit the homes in an attempt to ensure the treatment recommended. It is hoped that the suitability and resources of Randall's Island as a place of retreat for children needing skilled care, may be increased and developed by adequate appropriation of funds. [caption for diagram] Steps in Mental Development Where they stumble - the limit of development of each type.

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