"Materials for race improvement," page from C. Davenport's notebook
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B:D27.,--,Miscellaneous notes #1
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&quote;Materials for race improvement,&quote; page from C. Davenport's notebook

June 27, 1912 B. Materials for race improvement. 1. Individual differences Biotypes 2. Why are we different? 3. The hypothesis of numerous potential strains. Stature: Negrillo Akkas/avg. (38 cm.) Scots of Galloway 129 [illegible] Eye color See Fig. 9 [illegible] Hair color - 10, 11, 12 Hair form --10, 11, 12 [bracketed] Straight [illegible] Wavy: [illegible] [2 lines illegible] Skin color - Albino Mel[illegible] Segregation of whites out of Negro white crosses - Jamaica blue spots ([illegible]) of babies. Stature Fig 16 Pigmies of Africa Philipinos Scotch avg [male symbol] - 78 to 180 cm. not convinced! Cranium Musical ability - The bracket Mechanical Skill Pomeroys - Berclior Paddocks [illegible] Mathematics of skill - Bernoullis Handwriting Longfellow family (June 28, 1912) Piety Wesleys Hopkins [illegible lines] History Boncroft/ Grey Poetry & [illegible] Holmes Deafmutes Dolich ocephalic [illegible] Melanesia Eskimos South Europe Brachycephalic [five lines illegible] Nose forms [illegible handwriting, several lines]

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