Questionaire on the sterilization of "defectives"
Circa 1912
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American Philosophical Society, Dav, B D27,Ser 2,letters
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Questionaire on the sterilization of &quote;defectives&quote;

General Questionnaire Eugenics Section of the American Breeders Association E.E. Southard, Chairman. C.B. Davenport, Secretary Committee to Investigate the Proposed Treatment of [strikeout text] Defectives by Sterilization and Other Methods. Bleecker Van Wagenen, Chairman, W. H. Carmault, Everett Flood, H. W. Mitchell, H. H. Laughlin, Secretary. Expert Advisory Committee [the following is divided into two columns -first column set first] Medicine, L. F. Barker, Physiology, W. B. Cannon, Surgery... Biology, Herbert J. Webber, Thremmatology, Raymond Pearl, Anthropology, Alex F. Chamberlain, Psychiatry, [handwritten in between lines]Stewart Poton[?][end handwritten] Psychology, H. H. Goddard, Ethics and Theology... [second column set as follows] Woman's Viewpoint, Caroline B. Alexander, Criminology, Warren W. Foster, Sociology, Franklin H. Giddings, Economics, James A. Field, Statistics, O. P. Austin, Law...[handwritten - illegible] History, James J. Walsh, Public Affairs... [end columns] International Associates Under the direction of E. E. Southard the committee will seek to obtain through eminent specialists in each of the several modern nations data and opinions on the problems of this investigation for their respective countries. It is hoped to have the following countries represented: - England, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Russia, Japan, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Spain. Persons interested in the problems of this investigation are invited to collaborate with the committee by reporting pertinent references and first hand observations, by compiling statistics and rendering arguments and opinions concerning the particular phases of the problem relating to their respective professions. [dotted line] Name of collaborator [dotted line] Address [dotted line] Business or Profession After supplying the data herein called for, kindly return this questionnaire with any other material bearing upon the subject. All data and other material so supplied will be duly accredited to the collaborator on the files of the committee and in the final report. Mail all material and address all correspondence to Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York. Date...

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