Field worker report on dementia praecox (schizophrenia) at King's Park Hospital, by Laura Teitelbaum
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American Philosophical Society, ERO, MSC77
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Field worker report on dementia praecox (schizophrenia) at King's Park Hospital, by Laura Teitelbaum

Laura Teitelbaum Family History of [obscured] Patient at Kings Park Hospital Description of Propositus, IV, 3. Age 26 years. Admitted to Kings Park Hospital April 7, 1917. Paroled December 30, 1917. The length of parole was to have been six months, but after staying at home January, February, March, and fourteen days in April, the patient got another attack and was again committed to Kings Park where she is at present. Conduct of patient during examination by field worker. The patient sat over at one end of the chair and kept moving herself and her chair about. During the entire interview she appeared listless, bored, and at times unconcerned. She would talk low, and sometimes conversed with herself. Suddenly she would laugh to herself. A moment later a suspicious look would come into her eyes, and she would begin to talk unintelligibly. At times she was very bashful and modest. She seemed to exercise no judgment in answering the questions put to her, but answered promiscuously "yes" or "no," or "what do you care?" or "yes and no." She did not cooperate well. She did not know her age, nor when she was born. She could not tell what day of the week it was, nor the date, nor the month, nor the year. All her answers showed poor orientation. She showed a great deal of antagonism at times and would ask very angrily "What do you care? You want to know too much." Her memory was bad; she could not remember what she said before. She confused facts with fancy. At hearing the word "dog" mentioned, she began to cry. She was angry at the authorities for keeping her interned, and because they did not turn over to her the new clothes

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