American Eugenics Party pamphlet detailing their views
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American Eugenics Party pamphlet detailing their views

Anerican Eugenics Party P.O. BOX 38068 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90038 EUGENICS AND HISTORY The American Eugenics Party (AEP) presents the information contained herein to clarify, through comparison with contemporaries and historical counterparts, the AEP political position. In the process, the following interpretations of history are contrasted: (1) "Eugenic Interpretation of History" (varied, "non-plastic" hereditary traits determine history): (2) "Economic Interpretation of History" (plastic heredity molded by ordinary environment); and (3) "Free Will Interpretation of History" (plastic traits independent of heredity or environment). I. "HEREDITY VERSUS ENVIRONMENT" The expression "heredity versus environment" is accurate for some outlooks but it does not completely or correctly describe all outlooks on the subject. The expression "both heredity and environment determine human differences" is equally deficient because the degree of each is not stipulated. How plastic is heredity or how influential is environment on heredity produces responses which form a continuum of political positions. (The importance attached to environmental influences indicates the degree of hereditary plasticity.) Some advocate a "basic environment," others an "above-basic environment," and others a "below-basic environment." A "basic environment" is defined as one which will insure physical survival, display optimal hereditary potential, and cause maximum societal progress. A "basic environment" includes: sufficient food, clothing, and shelter; 3-R education; opportunity to progress; same race associates; and freedom from persecution. The "basic environmentalists" reject the luxuries, integration, etc. of the "above basic environmentalist" as well as the deprivations and abuse proposed by the "below basic environmentalist." The "above basic environmentalist" assumes that heredity is very plastic and that with higher and more equitable environmental standards the hereditary traits will improve and eventually equalize. The "below basic environmentalist" assumes that hereditary unfolding is not obstructed by a below basic environment and that only the hereditary defective will fall -they assume heredity is very resistant to environment. The "basic environmentalists" show that scientific evidence disproves the position of "above basic environmentalists" ("idiots are not made into geniuses" in a wealthy environment) and the "below basic environmentalist" (under-nourishment, etc. does not impede hereditary potential). The type of environmental conditions deemed necessary conveniently describe the proposed degree of hereditary plasticity. Those who advocate above-basic environmental conditions lean toward communism. Those who advocate below-basic environmental conditions lean toward "survival-of-the-fittest" at the animal level. The true Eugenicists are "basic environmentalists." They recognize that a certain degree of environmental conditions is necessary to prevent retardation of a hereditary potential but an excessive degree does not improve the hereditary potential and only results in wastes and dangers to society. (The concept of "free will" as independent of environment and heredity is scientifically untenable. The phrase "equalitarian versus inequalitarian" is synonymous but more deficient than the phrase "heredity versus environment" - heredity cannot be improved but it can be impeded, and some hereditary potentials are generally "equal" whereas others are unequal - "equalitarians" are "difference blind" and "inequalitarians" are "similarity blind.") II. "AOU CONTINUUM" A specialized continuum is employed by Eugenicists when classifying and comparing phenomena. This continuum is also used to classify the different political positions. The continuum is called the "AOU Continuum" (Adequate-Overly-Underly Continuum). It is found that anything in life can be "overly" or "underly" done and result in some degree of negativity. Because this is scientifically true, and a continuum must [schema] GENETIC INEQUALITY + GENETIC STABILITY [arrow] GENETIC CONTROLLABILITY Basic Eugenic Program: Type - Quality - Quantity Control [end schema]

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