W. Todd letter to L. Frank about "selling" research project to Brush Foundation
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Rockefeller Archive Center, Ser 3, Box 47, Folder 488, Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Collection
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W. Todd letter to L. Frank about &quote;selling&quote; research project to Brush Foundation

Anatomical Laboratory School of Medicine Western Reserve University Cleveland, O April 20, 1929. Mr. L. K. Frank, 61 Broadway, New York, N.Y. My dear Frank: I am glad to say that the Brush has come wholly into line with our aspirations and pledges itself, as you will see from the enclosed copy of the motion, to contribute $12,000 annually for five years and $2500 for initial equipment. There will be a little change possibly in the exact form of the motion but I am sending you this at once to inform you of the result of our efforts and also to ask you how you wish the formal application to be made by the President for the contribution by the Memorial. It was rather a hard job to sell the idea although I must say that when the Foundation did come across it came handsomely. That you may be fully conversant with all aspects of the situation I am enclosing a copy of the document which finally convinced the Foundation. It was necessary for me to slur over distinctions between the adolescent and the infant programs. I had also to color the presentation with Eugenics. You will find various other sops but none which give away anything important. Under Safeguards 2. You need have no apprehension that I intend to give away anything. I have explained to the Brush that I myself expect to publish the findings and must have that right but as I am Chairman of the Brush Foundation it is perfectly proper that the Brush should lay this statement down. The Secondary Considerations are for home consumption only! I look forward greatly to your reply and since time is short, if we are to make a strong attack in the fall, I must get busy soon. With kind regards. Yours very sincerely, [signed]T. Wingate Todd.

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