"Inherited characters in man"
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The Harry H. Laughlin Papers, Truman State University, Lantern Slides, Brown Box,832
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&quote;Inherited characters in man&quote;

Inherited Characters in Man (Compiled July [illegible]) I Blending (probably polygenic)&Reference [tabular format] 1. General body size&Castle (p 240) 2. Stature&" " 3. Weight&" " 4. Black skin pigment?&" " 5. Hair - form (Round versus flat in cross section)?&" " 6. Shape of head (Round versus long)&" " II Showing Dominance in F1 and Segregation in F2 A Normal Characters [columnar-left column] Dominant 1. skin color a. Brunet? b. Intermediate? c. Normal pigmentation d. Spolled white 2. Hair (A) Color a.White forelock b. Dark brown c. Dark brown (B) Cross section a.Curly (i.e., flat in cross section) b. Beaded (i.e., cross section not uniform - "monolithrix") 3. Eye color a. Front of iris pigmented (i.e., black or brown eye) 4. Right-handedness 5. Countenance a. Hapsburg lip b. Non-Jewish facial type 6. Complexion quality a. Pale thick skin 7. Temperament a. Feebly-inhibited (hyperkinetic) 8. Special Talents a. Non-musical b. Non-artistic 9. Intellectual capacity? a. Average b. Average + [center column] Recessive a. Intermediate and blond b. Blond c. Albinism d. Uniformly colored a. Normal (i.e., solid color) b. Light brown to "low" and light reds c. Light brown a. Straight (i.e., round in cross section) b. Normal (i.e., uniform cross section) a. Only back of iris pigmented (i.e., blue eye) b. Left-handedness (and ambidexterity?) a. Normal b. Jewish facial type a. Colored - thin skin a. Over-inhibited (Hypokinetic) a. Musical b. Artistic a. Very great (i.e., "genius") b. Very small (see also "Nervous System") [Right column] Reference Davenport (Amer Nat [illegible] Wurst Conklin (p291) " " Miller, N, (Amer Journ. Hered Apr. 25 Jun 5) Conklin " " ", Davenport Conklin " " " Apr 15 p291) Castle Hurst (Eng Review Apr 1912) Conklin Soloman (Eng Jour Hered. Vol. I [illegible]) " (Eng Rev VolII 1911-12 p192) Hurst (Eng Rev 1912 p14) Davenport (Bulletin #12) Hurst (Eng Rev 1912 p22) Drinkwater (Eng Journ. Hered Vol X 1915-16) Conklin "

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