"Probably Mendelian" and "Clearly Hereditary" traits
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The Harry H. Laughlin Papers, Truman State University, Lantern Slides, Brown Box,835
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&quote;Probably Mendelian&quote; and &quote;Clearly Hereditary&quote; traits

[tabular material - two columns] IV Probably Mendelian, but Dominance Imperfect or "Uncertain" &Reference 1. Defective hair and teeth&Castle 2. Extra teeth&" 3. Double set of permanent teeth&" 4. Hare-lip and cleft palate&" 5. Cryptorchism&" 6. Hypospadias&" 7. Twins (possibly recessive)&" 8. Dental agnesia (i.e., absence of certain teeth)&Sergi, S., (Journ Hered Vol8 [illegible] p557) 9. Bi-lobed ear&Schofield, R., (Journ Hered Vol[illegible]) 10. Dent in Foredhead (possibly dominant)&Davenport (Journ Hered Apr 1903[?] p164) V Clearly Hereditary (i.e. runs in families), but Rule of Inheritance Uncertain &Reference 1. Longevity&Castle Davenport (p147) 2. Handclasp&Hurst (Eugenical Review [illegible] 3. Diatheses to many specific diseases, as: a. Tuberculosis&Davenport b. Cancer (i.e., from pigmented moles)&(Journ Medical Research Mar 19[illegible] c. Abdominal hernia&Castle 4. Stuttering or stammering&Davenport (p106) 5. Chlorosis&"(p[illegible] 6. Epislaxis (i.e., nosebleed)&"([illegible] Lane [illegible] 7. Telangicclasis&"(p[illegible]) 8. Splenic anemia with enlargement of the spleen (i.e., Gaucher's splenomegaly)&" 9. Gout&" 10. Goitic&" 11. Exopthalmic goiter (i.e., Grave's disease)&" 12. Literary ability&" (p24) Castle (p241) 13. Mathematical ability&" 14. Mechanical ability&" 15. Ciclinism&" 16. Defective heart&" 17. Pernicious anemia&" 18. Arteriosclerosis&" 19. Jaundice (i.e., hereditary form, splenomegaly with acholuric jaundice)&Osler (Principles of Medicine) 20. Migraine&" 21. Rheumatism&" 22. Von Recklinghausen's disease (i.e., neuro-fibromatosis)&" 23. Scoliosis&" 24. Raynaud's disease&" ([illegible] 25. Angio-neurotic oedema (i.e., Quineke's disease)&Diad R+TR Co[illegible] (Arch Int Med) 26. Milroy's disease (i.e., persistent hereditary oedema of the legs)& Osler, Edgeworth of [illegible] 27. Mongolian imbecility (possibly recessive)&[illegible] 28. Amaurotic family idiocy&"(Journ Hered Feb [illegible] 29. Megolophthalmus&Davenport (p115)

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